Baumann Consulting Lucerne is a consulting company that focuses on supporting interdisciplinary teams, consulting on proceedings and moderation.

What do I do?

angebot baumann consulting lucerne

Offer advice and support for projects in the fields of energy, construction, environment and mobility.

Offer support for analysis and strategy, especially in the initial phase of projects.
Offer professional accompaniment as coach, project officer and moderator; develop concepts and manage workshops in complex environments.
Network and coordinate participants.

Offer support as project manager in temporary peak times.
Optimize and coordinate external and internal processes.

Organize and accompany professional excursions.

What are your benefits?

Vorteile Baumann Consulting Lucerne

You can trust my extensive expertise—my knowledge will drive your project forward.

You benefit from my wide network and find suitable partners for your projects.

You gain a new perspective on your problems—the view from the outside often opens up the way to new solutions.

I provide my services neutrally and independently from products, suppliers as well as planning and executing companies.

What don’t I do?

My services focus on advice and support. For tasks, which focus on the following, there are other providers more suitable than Baumann Consulting Lucerne:

Providing construction planning, writing environmental impact reports, drawing up energy certificates, ensuring construction management, developing energy concepts, writing expert’s reports, conducting mediations, writing media articles, preparing tender documents.