A selection of projects and tasks that I was in charge of during my time as a self-employed entrepreneur and as an employee in various positions. Would you like to learn more about certain projects and gain further insight into my activities? Contact me!

Baumann Consulting Lucerne

June 2014 until present

Source: fact sheet 2000-Watt site “Village Lucerne Rösslimatt”, November 28th 2014
Source: fact sheet 2000-Watt site “Village Lucerne Rösslimatt”, November 28th 2014


Being self-employed at Baumann Consulting Lucerne I accompanied following projects as project coach.

Support of internal processes: Supporting the interdisciplinary project team in building multi-energy networks for residential developments using electro mobility.

Support of development process: Analyzing the planning conditions for building the charging infrastructure in public spaces in regards to upcoming electro mobility and the associated changed demands to infrastructure.

Ambassador for “Energiestadt” (2014-2020): Representing the label “Energiestadt” and representing the committees in communication tasks.

Regional management of the “2000-Watt sites” (2015-2017): Developing and managing the market in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Close collaboration with exponents of the private and public sector.


Ambassador for the “2000-Watt sites” (2018-2020): Representing the label “2000-Watt sites” and representing the project- and the certification-committees in communication tasks.

Conception und management of workshop: Organizing a strategy workshop for a delegation made up of the Board of Directors and the Management of an international consulting company.

Moderation of workshop: Moderating an interdisciplinary 1-day workshop with a large group of participants.

Organization of professional excursion: Supporting a foreign institution in developing professional excursions in the field of energy in Switzerland.

Involvement in non-profit organizations

On request, I am active in different projects such as:

Part of advisory board in the ENERGIERAMA Energy Business Park: This is an innovative exchange platform exploiting energy and business potentials in the region of Entlebuch in the canton of Lucerne.

Coach: At the Startup Weekend Lucerne 2016 I coached various workshops.

Office of the Environment and Energy of the Canton of Lucerne (uwe)

2005-May 2014

Projekte uwe Luzern

Developing, implementing and keeping track of the energy policy strategy and the energy concepts of the canton of Lucerne.

Establishing and managing the campaign “Energiestadt 2012-2016” in the canton of Lucerne.

Initializing partnerships and networks between institutions of the public sector and the economic sector.

Managing all activities related to communication, marketing and further education.

Baumann Partners GmbH Lucerne

1994-2004, Owner and partner; handling numerous mandates in the field of construction, energy and environment.

Projects Baumann Partners
Explaining and convincing are important aspects of what I do (on the left of photo).

Member of the steering committee of the “Energy and Environment” program of the canton of Lucerne.

Supporting project management and marketing for the “Projekt Institut für Judikative” of the University of Lucerne.

Supporting the developer in project management for renovating and expanding the sewage treatment plant ARA 2010 in the region of Lucerne.

Building, managing and co-initiating the team “Energie-Apéro-Luzern”.

Interplan 4 AG Lucerne

1982-1994, Head of Project Management and Member of the Management.

Development of the business unit “Project Management Environment” and management of interdisciplinary projects relating to the environment.

Project Manager
General planning civil engineering for power plant construction abroad; industrial, residential and commercial buildings in Switzerland.

Supporting the building developer as project controller for area development of residential, industrial and commercial construction.